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    Civil Design

    Site investigation and finding practical solutions

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    Storm Water Drainage Design

Civil Design

Our civil engineering team at Fusion Engineering Services is committed to provide comprehensive civil design services, including site investigation and feasibility studies, finding practical solutions to the design, construction management and project supervision for urban development and infrastructure.

Civil design is core element of civil engineering. Architecture is usually conceived as the aesthetic design of the civil engineering. It is related with construction of building, damns, roads, canals, and bridges.

Civil design is field of engineering sciences, related to design, construction and maintenance of building, roads, canals and other physical infrastructure. Building construction is the process of preparing for and forming building and building systems. Civil helps us to get full fledge design according to our construction requirement.

Civil design applies scientific theory to design and develop  technological solutions. Civil design provides technical knowledge, best design, and skilled professional and affordable system in construction. It is all in one best discipline which emphasizes on excellent constructions.

Importance of civil design

  • Civil design plays vital role in sustainable development. It also builds earthquake resistance buildings, roads, canal, bridge, railways etc.
  • Civil design helps us to analyze survey reports, maps and other data to plan projects.
  • It considers construction costs, federal policies, and other external environment in planning stage. Civil design gives information of sort to determine adequacy and strength of foundations.
  • It is important because it deals with several sub-discipline including architectural engineering, environmental engineering, control engineering, earthquake engineering, water resources engineering, material engineering etc.
  • Civil design not only makes the life of people secure and easier but also beautify our surroundings in a stronger and better way.


Types or features of civil design in civil engineering:

Civil engineering is based on maths, mechanics and physics. The profession is broad, with opportunities to work in many specialist features like engineering constructions and management, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transport engineering, water engineering and civil engineering with architecture in different designs.

The main types of Civil engineering with attractive designs are:

  • Transport Engineering: It plans, designs and operates the large public and private infrastructure systems that connect our physical world.
  • Water engineering: It is about how water interacts with all aspects of the built and natural environment.
  • Civil engineering with architecture: It is a creative design and there are natural synergies with architecture. Many civil engineers work creating best design in this field.


Our work extends through Stormwater Design, Surface Drainage Design, Sub surface drainage design, Water Detention and Retention system etc industrial and public sectors across Sydney.

Water Detention and Retention System

On-site Stormwater Detention (OSD) is a way of collecting stormwater on site generated by a development and is slowly discharged into the municipality drainage system via a control device so that it doesn’t worsen downstream flooding.

Excess water can also be reused for different purposes such as irrigation and gardening, washing cars and toilet flushing etc. Civil Engineering team can provide several solutions for OSD and retention system depending on the specific needs and requirements of each development.

Water detention and retention system services

  • Water retention system in your property
  • Water detention system in your property
Sub Surface Drainage Design

Subsurface drainage is used where the soil is permeable enough to allow economical spacing of the drains and productive enough to justify the investment. A subsurface drain will provide trouble-free service for many years as long as it is carefully planned, properly installed, and constructed of high-quality materials.

A subsurface drainage system consists of a surface or subsurface outlet and subsurface main drains and laterals. Water is carried into the outlet by main drains, which receive water from the laterals. Submains are sometimes used off the main drain to collect water.

Sub surface drainage design services

  • Sub-Surface drainage design is to be commenced
  • Sub-Surface drainage issues are to be investigated
Surface Drainage Design

Surface drainage system is a process of removal of water (naturally or artificially) from any surface. Surface drainage is very useful in removing excess water from land in a controlled manner (naturally or artificially) and as quickly as possible, to a artificial drainage system or a natural watercourse. This should be done with no damage to the environment.

Never-the-less surface drains are essential and very useful tool to manage wet soils when used in the right location for the right reasons.

Typical applications for using surface drains

  • Draining large quantities of surface water off land quickly intercepting water flowing down from upper slopes to lower lying land.
  • Intercepting run off water from other sources (eg. road side drains, neighbouring properties, dam overflows, etc.
  • Acting as collector system for sub surface (mole or tile drains) drainage systems.

Surface drainage design services

  • Surface drainage design is to be commenced
  • Surface drainage issues are to be investigated
Storm Water Drainage Design

The provision of stormwater designs for housing, multi-unit and commercial developments is an expanding aspect of our business. Every development is required to have proper drainage system to the satisfaction of the responsible authority. To achieve this, we can offer our clients with a detailed design and supporting documentation of the stormwater drainage network ranging from residential and commercial developments.

Storm Water Drainage Design services

  • Understanding about storm water design
  • Understanding your responsibility as a building owner
  • Understanding our assistance to deal with council to establish your scope

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