• 09Jan 2015
    Importance of soil testing

    Importance of soil testing

    Any building construction work that requires footing and slab inspections during construction should  also have a soil test completed during the preparation of your structural design plan. Soil testing is completed by ...

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  • 08Jan 2015
    Importance of building retaining  wall

    Importance of building retaining wall

    Retaining walls are building for several reasons to hold back the soil. Retaining walls made of wood, rocks, bricks or concrete can hold some level of dirt and soil away from your home, garden, and pool or play area. A r...

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  • 05Jan 2015
    Engineering assistance for your project

    Engineering assistance for your project

    Lets say we got  some exciting home designing plans and want to construct your home to better suit your style . So with the help of a qualified structural design or  building design expert such as a structural enginee...

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