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Benefit of concrete sab design

Benefit of concrete sab design

Concrete slab design comes in many forms and can be used to provide great comfort and lifestyle. Slabs can be on-ground, suspended, or both. They can be insulated, both underneath and on the edges. A level bit of cement, put on the wall or column or segments of a structure.

It serves as a mobile surface however it serve as a heap bearing part on slab design homes. However it provide a flat surface and helps to support load and sound, heat and fire insulator.

Slab is very important part in any building. Attractive designs of slabs make the building look attractive. Slabs makes buildings attractive and are useful as well.There are different type of slab design such as Raft slab, Waffle slab, Suspended slab Basement Slab, Infill Slab.


Benefit of building concrete slab

  • – Low costs in terms of initial cost and maintenance.
  • – The thermal insulation  of a concrete slab reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • – Good integration of indoor and outdoor areas because of design versatility.
  • – Concrete floors are use for energy-efficient radiant in-floor heating systems.


Fusion Engineering provides best slab design services to customers. Our experts design attractive slab design according to buildings structure to make it beautiful. We are involved in this sector to provide best service to people. We are totally professional and our experts designs various slab design to decorate various infrastructures, buildings, as its requirement. Our services are designing raft slab, waffle slab, suspended slab, basement slab and Infill slab. We give our best attractive designs to our customers.

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