By Fusion Engineering Service | Jan 10, 2015

Structural Engineering Role On Your Project

Structural building is one critical field of engineering that handles the outline and in addition for the structure that will help to carry loads. Actually assuming that all in all, structural designing is a part of structural engineering. Structural design involves at least five distinct phases of work, project requirement, materials, structural scheme, analysis and design. Structural Engineer determines the criteria for acceptable performance, the loads or forces to be resisted must be provided, and the engineer will provide dead loads during the design process.

Structural engineering deals with the making of complex systems like the international space station.Structural Engineering deals with the analysis and designs of structures that supports resist loads. Any structure is made up of only a small number of different types of elements.

Columns: Columns are the elements that only carry axial force.  The capacity of column to carry axial load depends on the degree of bending it is subjected to, and vice-versa.

Beams: A beam may be defined as an element in which one dimension is much greater than other two and the applied loads are usually normal to the main axis of the element. Beams and columns are called line elements and are often represented by simple lines in structural designs.

Plates: plates Carry bending in two directions. A concrete flat slab is an example of beam. Plates are known by continuum mechanics.

Arches: Arches carry forces in compression in one direction only, which is why it is appropriate to build arches out of masonry. They are design by ensuring that the line of thrust of the force remains within depth of arch.

Shells: Shells drive their strength from their form, and carry forces in compression in two directions .A dome is an example of shell.

Catenaries: Catenaries derive their strength from their form, and carry transverse forces in pure tension by deflecting. They are almost always cable or fabric structures.

Our structural engineer’s team at Fusion Engineering provides their best service regarding structural designs like beams and columns, tunnel and bridges etc.

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