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Importance of soil testing

Importance of soil testing

Any building construction work that requires footing and slab inspections during construction should  also have a soil test completed during the preparation of your structural design plan. Soil testing is completed by a geotechnical engineer who will drill samples onsite and return to their workshop to analyse soil type, moisture content, and bearing capacity for the structural work.

For the basic structural foundation soil testing plays an important role in the  project. To make good structural construction decisions either you are working in clay,  sand, gravel, or loam, understanding of those soil materials will help you  a lot. the type of soil you see on the surface is not indicative of what there might be 5 or even 15 feet below the ground surface. So you should be very concerned with the soil quality on your building site.

Soils vary in type, composition and strength. Some soils are very strong which can support significant weight, while other soils are weak and compress under light loads. So  you should be very concerned with the quality of soil  on your building site.  Soil testing is a conducted by a geotechnical engineer in order to determine the working condition of the soil. Structural and geotechnical engineers have proper solutions for drilling a series of boreholes on  buildings  site on low-quality soil for examined.

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